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Window Protection

The protection of your house or business against break-ins and home invasion needs to be well planned to offer the right level of security. Window protection is one of the first steps to take to protect one’s property, because windows are a weak point and a natural target for intruders.
Depending on the level and type of threat your property faces, you can resort to a vast array of window security choices, and even combine them for a better all around protection. We will quickly review your options here.

Please note that the use of some of these methods is restricted or regulated by federal or local laws. You should therefore always contact your local authorities and a certified locksmith before installation.

Window security bars:
They are the ultimate physical answer against break-in attempts. They can be equipped with alarm sensors. Crucial for basement and easily accessible floors, they don't have to be unappealing, and can even be custom made to fit the aesthetic requirement of your property.

Window film:
Window films have made great progress in the last decade. They don’t offer the mechanical protection that window security bars do, but greatly improve your security as they prevent the window glass they are attached to from shattering – an important advantage in case of an explosion.
In order to offer maximum security and durability, a window protection film should be installed by a trained and certified professional.

Window guards:
window guards are designed to prevent a fall from a window, or through a window. Window guards are often mandatory in high-rise residential buildings and on the higher floors of individual houses where young children reside.

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