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Security Bars

Security bars are the most simple and tested method to avoid intrusion and theft on your property. Used for decades, they have evolved greatly during the last decades, becoming less bulky and more durable, and at the same time more affordable.

Security bars can be a great asset for your security, and not only your windows security. Security bar devices have been built or adapted to fit all your property openings, among them, you’ll find:

Security bars for windows:
They exist in all makes and styles, from the simplest, install-it-yourself plain iron tube to the elaborate custom iron work security bars.

Security bars for doors:
A great device to avoid a forced entry through your door, they offer a greatly enhanced level of security for a low cost.

Security bars for sliding doors and windows:
Locked on a sliding door or window rail, such a security bar will prevent an unwanted intrusion to your premises. These devices offer a high level of low-tech, jam free protection.

Whether you consider installing security bars, door security bars or any other security device, you should contact your local authorities and a certified locksmith to find out about the rules and regulations which apply to you.

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